G3 1997 Europe Tour Notes

May 23, Rotterdam

First day in Europe with Joe, Stu, Jeff, Steve, Mike, Mike and Phillip, and the inscrutable Mr. Legg. No time for production rehearsals made for a very long day for Chris Varrin and his production crew, but as usual they made it happen on schedule with a new sound and light system and crew. A similar show to the U.S. (but without Eric Johnson's band) ending with Joe and Steve performing the three G3 jam songs together, with Adrian being unable to perform on his equipment at the stage volume required. A very responsive crowd sends the message that they like this G3 "very much".

May 24 - 30

The G3 juggernaut crosses Europe in a rapid succession of shows that vary in style but not consistency: Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Milan, Zurich and Paris are great shows and great crowds. The G3 "Live In Concert" album is released and the fans react favorably. In Germany and France, the album makes its way onto the charts and in its first week is Epic's second biggest selling album in Europe. Joe and Steve spend two hours in Paris meeting fans at FNAC, one of the biggest Parisian record stores, then play a superb show at the Zenith Concert Hall to 5,000 G3 fans.

May 31

G3 crosses the English Channel and heads to the first UK show in Nottingham, sold out in a great sounding concert hall and the start of a seven show run that keeps getting better with every show.

June 4, Shepherds Bush - Empire London

A very special night in G3 history as Brian May is invited to come and sit in on the jam. When he walks onto the stage with Joe, Steve, Stuart and Jeff, the English crowd goes absolutely bananas. With his signature guitar and style, Brian plays the three song jam and takes the level of intensity to a new level. All three guitarists are on fire and drive each others performance higher. The London fans witness a very special G3 event and the musicians talk immediately of Brian joining with G3 at some time in the future. Two hours after the show the three guitarists are still huddled in a dressing room as the nights adrenaline still flows.

June 5 & 6, London

Two more great shows. Among the audience were members of Iron Maiden, Korn and Mr. Robert Fripp - soon to be a G3er.